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Iona-Hope is a church in the Diocese of Southwest Florida of The Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church grew out of the Church of England on this continent.

At Iona-Hope, we have three distinct weekend worship services at 5:00 pm, Saturday, 8:00 am, Sunday and 9:30 am Sunday. There is a regular weekday service at 9:30 am, Wednesday. All services involve Holy Eucharist

(Communion) and healing.

When should I arrive for services?

It is good to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the service. This gives you time to find a seat and get settled for worship.

What should I wear?

The dress for our services is casual, with business casual being the most dressy. 

What are the differences in the weekend services?

The 5:00 pm service on Saturday is the most contemporary and least formal service. We use contemporary language for the worship and the music is a mix of traditional hymns and praise music. We have healing prayers in the front of the church during the service. It is the most "laid back" of the services.

The 8:00 am service on Sunday is the most formal of our services. There is no music and the language of the worship is Elizabethan (think Shakespeare). Although healing prayers are in the front, they are less prominent than at the Saturday service.

The 9:30 am service on Sunday is mix of traditional and contemporary. The language is contemporary and the structure is similar to the 8:00 service. The music is made up of more traditional hymns with some contemporary music. There is a choir. Healing takes place in the back of the church during communion.

Where do I park?

There is ample parking around the church. You may park in the Lee County Public Library lot next door, too.

What do we do during the service?

The services are made up of prayers, music (possibly), homilies (a speech/sermon), communion, praise, historic creeds and healing. You are invited to participate in all aspects of the service. The text of prayers, responses and songs are projected on the screens in front, making it easy to follow and participate.

Do I have to be a member of Iona-Hope or the Episcopal Church to participate?


No. Please join us in all aspects of our services, including healing prayers and communion.

What is healing? WIll I be embarassed by this?

Healing was a part of the ministry of Jesus and continued through the early church until today. It involves the healer anointing you (dipping the thumb in some blessed oil and making a sign of the cross on your forhead) in the name of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and praying that God will bring healing to you. The ultimate healing is our reconciliation with God. Although it is performed in public, it is a very personal thing. You do not have to participate if you do not wish.

How do I participate (take) communion?

You participate by being a part of the service - saying the prayers and responding to the readings. To receive communion, join the line of folks coming to the front. Approach the person with the bread (usually a priest) with your hands together and outstretched. He/she will put the wafer in your hand. You may consume this and return to your seat or move to the person with the chalice who will take the wafer from your hand, dip it in the chalice and place it on your tongue. You may consume the wafer and sip from the chalice.

How long are the services?

The services with music are about one hour. Those without music are about forty-five minutes.

What happens after the service?

After most services, there is a reception next door in the Adler Gathering Place. On Saturdays, there is a small meal. Please join us for this time.

May I participate in other activities?

Yes. You may attend any of our events, small groups and other activities.



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