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Iona-Hope is a congregation in The Episcopal Church. We are a liturgical church which means that our worship has a formality about it. Our primary worship services include Holy Eucharist which is known as Holy Communion, Communion, Mass and other titles in some churches. You are welcome to join us.

We are a sacramental community. In our tradition, we believe that there are two primary sacraments that are needed for spiritual rebirth, development and refreshment. These are Baptism and Holy Eucharist. The other five sacramental rites are available but not used by all. These five rites are

  1. Holy Matrimony (Marriage)

  2. Confirmation

  3. Ordination

  4. Reconciliation of a Penitent (Confession and Absolution)

  5. Unction (Anointing with Blessed Oil)

Spiritual Formation

In our Baptismal vows, we promise to continue our learning in the Apostles' teachings. At Iona-Hope, we have classes for all ages. While most of these classes are open to all, some are very appropriate for newcomers. Our priests are available for spiritual direction and individual consultation.

None of us knows all that we should know and each of us can teach others. Often, we find that our search for knowledge leads us to other questions. Some of these seem to have no answer or the the answer is fleeting. We find that the search brings us together with others.

Scripture and Worship

Our worship is rooted in a document called The Book of Common Prayer. You may see an online copy here. The first version was published in England in the sixteenth century. It contains most of the services that we use. Our primary hymnal is Hymnal 1982, although we use other hymnals, too.

If you look through the Book of Common Prayer, you can see that much of the text comes from Holy Scriptures (The Bible). We take the scriptures very seriously and believe that all things necessary for salvation are contained in them. We do not believe that all scriptures have this level of authority and are not fundamentalists or literalists who believe that the Bible is literally true.

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