Small Groups at Iona-Hope

Mardis Gras -February 12, 2016 (12)
Mardis Gras -February 12, 2016 (11)
Mardis Gras -February 12, 2016 (5)
Mardis Gras -February 12, 2016 (16)
Mardis Gras -February 12, 2016 (6)
Mardis Gras -February 12, 2016 (2)
Shawl Ministry, Nov 2015 (3)

Small Groups are just that- groups of a few to as many as 15 parishioners gathered together for a particular purpose.  The leadership consists of a Lay Pastor, Lay Pastor Apprentice and a Host.  This concept of small groups has replaced the usual committees, commissions and other similar groups found in many congregations.  Leadership and participaton in a small group changes every two years.  We encourage you to try new areas of ministry to continue your spiritual growth.  

      Iona-Hope has three types of Small Groups: 1) Cell Groups; 2) Ministry Teams; and, 3) Special Classes.  All three of these share similar covenants and follow the same ground rules.  They also grow within the common vision of this congregation and understand and support the core values of this congregation.

     Small Group Ministries are a means for everyone to get thoroughly involved in the ministry of this congregation.  They allow this congregation to grow as large as anyone can even dream and yet, at the same time, remain small and intimate.




Acolytes serve on the altar party, lighting the altar candles, carrying the processional cross, carrying the Gospel Book for the deacon, assisting the deacon or celebrant in the preparation for the Eucharist.

Time commitment: As needed for Saturday evening and Sunday services.

Training required: 2 one-hour sessions introduce new acolytes to the ministry. They receive mentoring until they feel comfortable in the role. A  handbook for acolytes at Iona-Hope is used in training.

All God's Creatures Animal Ministry

Bible Study

This group reads and studies scripture using commentaries and other resources.

Book Club

The Iona-Hope Book Club  meets on the third Friday of the month  at 1:15 p.m. in the church library/meeting room.

The book selection for the month is  announced in advance via e-mail to book club members as well as in the  monthly church newsletter.

At the November meeting each year, everyone is asked to recommend two or three books to the group. The only requirement is that the books should be discussable.  We vote by secret ballot and the top 10 books become our choices for the following year. The person who recommends a book often is asked to facilitate the discussion of that book. A list of the selected books is  published in the December newsletter.


The choir, under the direction of Music Director, Loren Strickland, leads the hymns and service music at the Sunday 9:30 service. The choir also performs anthems at the offertory.

Caregivers Connect

Church School

Church School is held during the Liturgy of the Word during the first part of the 9:30 service. This is team-taught using lectionary-based and seasonal materials, nursery through middle-school. All children return to the church during the Peace to participate in the Eucharist.

Justice Ministry (LIFE)

The LIFE Organization is comprised of many different congregations, who in turn represent many different traditions.  Each of our congregations believes something different about the nature and name of god. But, each of us shares a commitment to pursue justice guided by our own faith.  We find, in the things we share, the strength that unity can bring.  We vow to respect each other for the things we share, and for the ways we are different.


Lay Readers


 Lay readers read the appointed scripture and Prayers of the People for the worship services. The readings and prayers are scheduled ahead of time and made available online so that readers are prepared to lead in the worship.


Office Angels


Volunteers who answer the office phone, take messages, help with clerical tasks and provide other assistance to staff.

Supper Club

A new fellowship group (Iona-Hope Outreach Project) which serves as a supper club has as its objective to offer outreach ministry to the hungry or others in need. They hold suppers monthly in homes of group members. The suggested donation is $10 per person which goes to the Hunger Ministry.

Welcoming Ministry

The welcoming ministers greet worshippers at the doors with

 bulletins, providing nametags and welcome packets. They are responsible for welcoming guests and members into worship.


Altar Guild 


The Altar Guild prepares the altar for worship at the Eucharist and other services. They prepare the vessels for the services and also clean-up afterward.


Time commitment: This is a rotating schedule which may require a once a month or less commitment.

Training required: Two hours plus mentoring by an experienced

guild member.

Bridge Group

A fellowship group for those who like to play bridge. This is not a group for beginners, but members will gladly help those who previously learned but need a refresher course!

Bridge club meets in the Adler Gathering Place on the 3rd Friday of the month at 12:30.

Broadway Palm Evenings

Dinner and a Broadway musical with other Iona-Hopeans!  There is a limited availability for these tickets. New shows every six weeks or so. Please contact the church office to book your seat.  Ticket monies are paid in the office prior to event. We meet in the lobby and get the tickets and tables assignments from a designated Iona-Hope member.                                                  
click for upcoming shows

Newcomer Ministry

This group is a part of the welcoming of newcomers into the life of Iona-Hope. This includes follow-up with phone calls and letters. This group facilitates the entry of new members and helps them find the small group ministries that fit their gifts and interests. The group also sponsors quarterly dinners for newcomers in homes.

Pastoral Ministry Team

Pastoral ministers serve as an ongoing spiritual and sacramental connection between the church, those in the hospital and homebound members through regular visitations, prayer and bringing communion to those who cannot get to church services.

Quad Squad

This group programs our worship services for the projection screens using PowerPoint.

Shawl Ministry

This group knits or crochets prayer shawls which are given as a part of the pastoral ministry.

Spanish Classes and Worship (Starting again in the Fall of 2022! Watch for announcements!

Both beginning and intermediate classes are offered.  Tuesdays at 10:45 a.m. is Intermediate Spanish; Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. is Beginning Spanish.  Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. is a reading class for those who fluently speak Spanish.   In addition, Spanish Morning Prayer from The Book of Common Prayer is read each Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m.  La Santa Eucaristia is celebrated on the first Tuesday of each month.

Technology Team (Booth)

We need AV people every week to help out with the sound and projection systems at all three services.  This would require a commitment of only one service per month.  So, if you know how to use a computer, you already have the skills necessary to operate the projection of a weekly service.  Additional training will be provided. 

Thrift Store

Donated resale items at One More Time Thrift Shop location off San Carlos Blvd at Big Lots Plaza. Volunteers organize merchandise, help customers and run the cash register. Profits support Iona-Hope’s ministries and help to fund outreach grants in the community and the world.

Quiet Days and Spirituality Programs

Our Spirituality Programs are intended to help you deepen your relationship with God through learning and practicing opportunities that are meaningful to you.


We offer Quiet Days four times each year