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Iona-Hope’s “One More Time” Thrift shop donations reach Jacmel, Haiti

Some months ago we published a short article about Iona-Hope’s “One More Time” Thrift Shop Outreach going International. You will remember that Edward Saint Jean, an employee at Cypress Cove had been donated a bus to take to his home village of Jacmel, Haiti. Iona-Hope Thrift Shop stepped in and filled the entire bus with clothing, children’s clothing, and many kinds of aids for older folks, walkers, toilet seats. The bus was completely filled.

$10,000 was raised at Cypress Cove to ship the bus to Haiti. The airfare for “Saint” was also covered. (from now on I am using his middle name). Saint met the bus in Haiti, cleared in through customs and then drove it to his home village. All the clothes and medical aids were delivered to the folks who needed them. You can see from the photos the wonderful help this whole project has been to the village.

So many thanks to Eileen and the whole Thrift Shop Team for the generous gift and loading it all. This was a job well done

Robin D. Mills

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