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Construction Update 04/23/20

We know that some of you have been driving by to check out the construction. So, we are sending recent (4/23) photos so that you may celebrate with us as we near completion of our project. The columbarium is coming along nicely and the niches are scheduled to arrive on Monday, April 27 and due to be installed very soon. You see that the fence is in place as are the new benches. We have moved the memorial bench from the patio to the right of the columbarium. We will inter the ashes that were removed from the previous scatter garden.


You are welcome to come by and see the progress and walk the labyrinth. Please remember to keep the appropriate distance. Not sure what the labyrinth is or how to walk it? Don’t worry, we will send information out soon.


We are current on our payments to the contractor. If you owe anything on your Raising Hope pledge or if you want to make a contribution, it will help us to keep current if you can make your contribution soon.


Thank you! Peace, Ray+

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