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From Fr. Ray


Over the past few weeks, many of our “sojourners” have said farewell until your return this fall or winter. It is sad to see you go, but we are happy to know that you will return. Please be in touch as you need or desire.

At this time, we are working on various things at Iona-Hope. Your vestry passed a deficit budget in May and we are implementing it. They removed funding for an Associate and Parish Nurse for this year and left a solid budget without much wiggle room. There are always cries for cutting the budget more, but we assure you that this is very much a bare bones budget. To cut more will mean cutting services and communication, seriously harming our ministry.

Some of us have started working on establishing a process for inviting and integrating new people into the congregation. At the appropriate time, we will recommend this to the vestry. We are aware that the most effective invitation is personal and direct. So, your invitations to others are an important part of this process.

We are working on tweaking our communication processes, especially electronic and web based. Usually folks consider communication as an internal process, existing so that members know what is happening in the church. In reality, good communication should be done in such a way as to paint a picture of our community to anyone who cares to inquire. If I want to know what is happening in a church, I read their newsletter and check out their Facebook page. If they have neither or they are not available, it tells me that they may be more concerned about themselves than others. We want to effectively communicate to everyone who we are at Iona-Hope and that our mission is about being the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.

As other things develop, we will let you know. We are grateful for each of you and all that you do through Iona-Hope.

Peace,  Ray+

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